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Wolf Love -- Jane Jamison
Wolf Love

Protecting Their Lioness -- Jane Jamison
Protecting Their Lioness

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When Hell Freezes Over




Lion Love -- Jane Jamison

Her Lusty Lions -- Jan Jamison

Want to get your fur on?

Visit Lonesome, Texas where the men are animals.


Roar for Me – The Shifter Days Festival is the ComicCon for shifter-believers. TJ Bowen is ready to party and, if she’s lucky, she’ll find out that shifters are actually real. Yet just as she’s ready to accept that three hot cowboys are animals at heart, another woman’s jealousy threatens to keep them apart.

Snarl for Me – Julia Roberts (“no relation”) intends to go wild during The Shifter Days Festival in Lonesome, Texas. Shifters may not be real, but she’s ready to pretend they are. Julia’s thrilled to find one sexy cowboy to romp with, but when one turns to more, can she handle the beasts she’s unleashed?

Her Purr-fect Lions – Bree Chambers saw a lion change into a woman. Now she’s back in Lonesome, Texas, ready to prove shifters exist. But how can she force three incredibly sex men into shucking their skins and showing her their fur? And even if they do, will they give her The Allure and make her their mate?

Lion Love – Winnie Bunch is willing to return to Lonesome to prove her friend’s claim that shifters exist. But when her friend hooks up with three sexy cowboys, what else can she do but find her own? Still, what will she do if her three hot cowboys start growing claws and fangs?

Lion Heart – Liz Avery wants all three of the Hartley brothers. They’re hotter than hell cowboys and she’s ready to do whatever she can to wrangle them in and make them hers. But what can she do when two of the brothers want someone else?

Her Lusty Lions – Mira Ashby put love on the back burner until she met the Fairland brothers. Being pursued by the incredible sexy cowboys is great. Yet one brother doesn’t seem interested. Can she love only three of the four brothers without ruining all of their lives?

Tangled Tails – Joy Ridder winds up locked in a cage with three sexy cowboys. Their captor is dead set on making the men pay for the sins of other men. But when their captor decides to make Joy her target for torment, the men must save Joy, even if it means losing everything.

Protecting Their Lioness – Coming soon!

To Hell and Back


Her Purr-fect Lions (Lions of Lonesome, Texas 3) releasing 2/12



Lion Heart Jane Jamison

Tangled Tails -- Jane Jamison


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