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Hi, y’all!

What’s new? 

After taking a short break, I’m back at writing again. Right now, I’m focusing on my latest series, Werewolves of Granite Lake. So far, I’ve written eight books in the series and submitted a ninth. As I write this, ideas for Book 10 are circulating in my head.

One of the questions readers ask me is if my books need to be read in any specific order. Although my people like to read a series in order, all the series can be read in any order you like! Occasionally, you’ll see a few characters from one book or even another series pop up in a different book, but even if you haven’t seen those characters before, you will still enjoy the book. So, sure! Read all of Werewolves of Forever, Texas before you read Werewolves of Granite Lake. Or read one of the books in my Men for Hire series and then switch over to a book in the Mountain Wolf Pack series. It’s completely up to you!

And here’s a twist. If you enjoy M/F romance, please give my Beverly Rae books a try. You can find them on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and other online retailers. Just search with my name.

However you like to read my books, please know that I can’t thank you enough for your support. You are the reason I write.


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