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Claws and Fur -- Jane Jamison
Claws and Fur

Torn Between Two Mates -- Jane Jamison
Torn Between Two Mates

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Bare Fangs -- Jane Jamison

Her Wild Ones -- Jane Jamison

Thank you so much!

My new series, The Shifters of Hidden Falls, Texas, is off to a great start. As of today (8/20/21), Claws and Fur (Book 1) is a Bookstrand.com bestseller! Thanks to you, my readers, of course.
Torn Between Two Mates (Book 2) just released today and Needing Her Mates (Book 3) is now available for pre-order. Switching Their Mate (Book 4) will be available in October. And Book 5 is in the works. Head over to https://www.bookstrand.com/jane-jamison or go to the Book Page for your copies.

Thank you again for reading my books. It means the world to me.
By the way, if you enjoy M/F romance, please give my Beverly Rae books a try. You can find them on Amazon, B&N, Kobo and other online retailers. Just search for my name.


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