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Claws and Fur -- Jane Jamison
Claws and Fur

Torn Between Two Mates -- Jane Jamison
Torn Between Two Mates

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Welcome Page

Hi, y’all. Welcome to my online home. I write books about sexy cowboys, daring firefighters, and hot shifters. Some of my heroes are human while many are werewolves and werebears. They’re all brave, loyal, and sexy as hell. My heroines are women who are ready to find love with extraordinary, fascinating men. All my stories are ménages with a little tie-me-up bondage and a slap and a tickle. My stories are fast-paced with lots of action, emotion, and splashes of humor. But most of all, they’re filled with romance and everlasting love.

I believe love is hard enough to find. Why worry about the package it comes in? When you find true love, you need to grab it and hold on for all you’re worth.

I write five to six days a week, all day, and into the evening. Why do I write? Because I love what I do. Because I have to write. For me, it’s a release and a place where I can let my fantasies run wild.

My goal isn’t to change the world—although, wouldn’t that be cool?—but to entertain my readers. I know how difficult life can be today and we all have our hard times, some harder than others. If my books help to make someone’s day a little brighter, then I’m happy.

Check out the News page for places where you can find me along with information about books, contests, and more. And if you like, take a moment to sign up for my newsletter, then follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re 18 or older, please feel free to look around.

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