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Her Purr Fect Lions -- Jane Jamison
Her Purr fect Lions

Roar for Me -- Jane Jamison
Roar for Me

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Returning for your pleasure…the long anticipated book in the Werewolves of Forever, Texas series.
SHIFTER LOVE Available Now

shifter Love

To Take a Wolf – releasing August 9, 2017

To Take A Wolf -- Jane Jamison

Wolf to Wolf – releasing August 28, 2017

Do You Like Werewolves? Wizards? Witches?
Check out my new series Werewolves and Wizards of West End



When Hell Freezes Over




Hell and Brimstone -- Jane Jamison

About To Hell and Back

Brooklyn Hightower is ready to claim a wizard, a werewolf, and a vampire for her own. The men she loves have treated her like a sister for too long. She’s ready to have them see her as a full grown woman. But will dark magic get in the way?

About When Hell Freezes Over

A dark wizard has cursed Shelby Winter and even her power as a witch can’t save her. Three shifters claim they can save her. Can she be saved by a shifter’s bite? Or are they lying to her to get what they want?

About Hell and Damnation

Rogan’s inner wolf is threatening to take over for good, keeping him in his wolf body for the rest of his life. Can Lilli and her three lovers find the answer to his problem? Or will she forever lose one of the men she loves?

About Hellfire and Brimstone

Sarah Johnson is a witch who has suppressed her powers as well as her visions. Once she kisses three sexy men, however, she finds out that her ability of Sight is back. Can she save the men she’s falling for before her deadly visions turn into reality?

New Series Coming in 2017 - Werecats of Fate

Furry in Fate
Purring in Fate


To Hell and Back


Hell and Damanation



Furry in Fate -- Jane Jamison


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